Have you noticed the midlife invisibility cloak has descended?

There’s a moment in every woman’s life when we suddenly realise we seem to be invisible.  Our kids roll their eyes at us when we make a comment- our partner doesn’t even appear to lift their eyes from the telly or phone when we walk into the room.  Some of us have parents to care for as well – it’s as though there is nothing left for just US anymore. We look in the mirror and feel a stab of anguish for what we have become – and wonder why we’ve spent our whole lives wishing we looked this way or that way. We lose our confidence  and we blame ourselves. We start to let ourselves go a bit and it all becomes a depressing cycle of a self fulfilling prophecy.

However;  whilst we can’t control how age affects our bodies, we can control our attitude towards those changes. We deserve to love and celebrate our bodies at every stage of life. We deserve to be proud of the life we have lived, the battles we have fought and hold our heads high.older woman boudoir

I am Sharon Mallinson, an award-winning, Lincolnshire based, boudoir photographer Having ran three very successful 50 over 50 projects I have been asked to include ladies in their 40’s as well as 50’s. 60’s and beyond! I want to help celebrate  women who have stepped into the second half of their lives. A movement of real women who feel they are positively reconnecting with themselves.  I am looking for 40 women to join our movement right now.

So – if you want to do something positive for yourself… raise money For Breast Cancer Now through our unique celebratory exhibition

(£5500 raised so far and counting!) and would love to just shake things up …

 But Be Careful – This Can Be Life Changing!
Ladies - can you imagine how you would feel to have a set of images that truly show how beautiful you  are?  To really begin to believe that you too  can be as gorgeous and confident as any celebrity you see on the front cover of a magazine. 



As one of our lovely ladies you will receive:

  • Pre-consultation  to discuss how you want to be photographed, what outfits you would like to wear etc.

  • Professional Hair and makeup on the day of the photo shoot by the superbly calming Katie Calo (book something special for that evening you are going to look amazing)

  • Fully guided professional photo shoot with Sharon   – you will be posed down to your expression and fingertips. The shoots will be held at the studio in Billingborough near Sleaford Lincs NG34 0PY

  • A reveal and ordering session where you can see all your beautiful professionally retouched  photographs and choose your mounted print

  • Membership to our private ladies only Facebook Group

  • Inclusion of one of your images in a fabulous charity exhibition to celebrate our 40 chosen brave women who are the beginning of this body confident movement.
boudoir sillouhette with bath


Limited availability!

There are only 40 spots available for this project and applications will be reviewed.

 If selected, I’ll be in touch to have an informal chat so that you are fully aware of what we hope to achieve. 

We have a private Facebook group for all clients that will keep everyone informed. A link will be provided to the private group in your confirmation email.

  • You’ll be interviewed by me after the photoshoot to find out your views about being over 40

  • That interview may be shared on my website and social media to help other women weigh up whether they would like to join our movement.


We are offering this incredible photoshoot for just £199. To have the whole makeover – to feel good about yourself – to see yourself completely differently – this includes a gift boxed 10 x 8 mounted print and complimentary entry into the celebratory exhibition.

You have the opportunity to purchase further prints and products should you wish at your reveal session (which is VERY emotional!)

 Every woman who has had this experience has said it is the best investment she has ever made on herself – for her confidence and her self esteem .



50 over 50 exhibition
One of our fundraising exhibitions
Client Testimonials
"Amazing. Glamorous. Hot. Empowering. Edgy. Inspirational. Confidence-boosting. Sexy. Sensual. Professional. Dignified. Hysterical. Indulgent. Worth every penny. BOOK THIS NOW"
boudoir shoot
age 42
I had reached a point where whenever I looked in the mirror I only saw a dreary housewife and mum. The experience transformed my perception of myself and suddenly I rediscovered my smouldering sexy sexy side, proving age is just a number xx
Val S
age 50
Boudoir style......
40 over 40
......or a stunning gown .... your choice

Just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to both Sharon & Katie for a most wonderful, embracing & enjoyable time yesterday. I went through so many emotions from parking on the drive & feeling a mixture of excitement & nerves to being greeted at the front door to a a most relaxing welcome & certainly putting my apprehension to rest once I sat on the chaise lounge. Two very kind & caring ladies made me feel reassured, confident & at ease with myself. I couldn’t believe how comfortable I was posing in a basque on a Wednesday afternoon! Definitely not a common occurrence xx Angie B

Just been to view my pictures, OMG!!! Can’t wait to get my pictures in the new year,

I genuinely thought I would go and struggle to find 1 that I looked ok in as my confidence had been severely knocked. No it was hard getting them down. So happy with them I feel they look so good and if I do say so myself I look hot!!! When I get them I will maybe post a couple!!

Every woman should do this at least once…..any ladies thinking about it honestly just do it xxx  Sue L


“I’ve now come back to Earth, had such a fantastic day with Sharon and Katie and the old me whom I missed so much.

When I first got there I was anxious and a little worried but I’d no need to be I was made so relaxed and made to feel so special just like been with old friends. You really worked your magic, a great day so much fun and relaxing surprisingly. What else can I say!

Thank you so much. Cannot wait now to see my photos.!”  Sam A 

It's not always about stockings and suspenders!

“Words can’t express how delighted I feel following my shoot today. Despite the fact I was having second thoughts and then forgot a key item of clothing, Sharon and Katie put me at ease and found me a replacement.

I have had the most wonderful day. A few months ago I was in the middle of a mental crisis and spent sometime in a recovery house. I have terrible anxiety yet I have jumped so far forward todayI know the old me is returning. If only Sharon and Katie could bottle the experience I could ditch my pills 😍.

I arrived feeling nervous apprehensive and questioning my reason for doing this, I left with a fab hair style a big ego and a much better outlook on life.

My self esteem and self worth are far greater than they were 24 hours ago. What a difference a day makes especially if your in the safe hands of Sharon and Katie. I can’t wait to see the photos so excited and very happy” Alison T

“I met so many lovely ladies at the exhibition that all have a story to tell and all reveal that even though our confidence has been knocked we all come back twice as strong. Both Sharon and Katie do an amazing job to make you feel a movie star for a few hours, but that is enough to to give you the boost to face the world again. My admiration goes to all the women who have taken part and – to the ones thinking about it – what are you waiting for?” – Sue Butler

mature woman boudoir

“Just got home after a fantastic time with Sharon and Katie . I walked in feeling nervous and that I would be judged. My confidence was pretty low due to life really . I have no idea how the girls did it but I am on top of the moon . I have had the most fabulous time thankyou so much for helping me to find myself again xx” Linda

Beautiful Karen
Gorgeous Ginny
Wow Trish!
I can not even find the words to describe how nervous I was when I booked my shoot with Sharon. I wanted to walk, to cancel. I needed to lose some weight first I told myself as I was preparing to leave. I am not good enough. I will never be enough. But you are!! You are enough, be enough for you. Realise your biggest strength, is you. Your body, figure, wobbly bits, stretch marks, cellulite whatever, are your story. Never be ashamed of your story, never be ashamed of yourself. The ladies here are amazing. Really know how to make you feel comfortable. l. The worries and concerns of todays world were forgotten whilst being made to feel a million dollars. Everything is set out so beautifully, you are very well looked after here. Whilst holding my nerves having my make up done still thinking what am I doing I was thinking how would the images look, would I look stupid? Would I look like im giving the wrong impression - but now - I’m so excited to see the photos! Can't recommend Symply highly enough. Thank you so much ladies 😍
What will yours look like?
You too are worthy of being on the front cover of a magazine!

“As an 70 yr plus larger lady I had more than a few doubts But my mantra says “ Do you want to make a memory “ so I thought yes.

The whole experience was one of support and encouragement. From the minute the door opened until three hours later it closed My basic wardrobe was lifted to glamour status. My hair and makeup glowed and I felt 2 million dollars.

I went today to see my pictures and they are more than I ever dreamt possible.
A big thank you to Sharon and Katie. The dream team” 

Steph (Nanny Unicorn) xx

Well ladies, I have been on Ballerina Fingers page for years. I have looked at you all and thought wow, wow and even more. Would love to do that but my self esteem and body confidence was shot.
I have like many of you gone through so much and continue to. Until one of my amazing friends set up at shoot for me !!
What can I say this lady gave me the boost and confidence that I could do it.
I will never forget this and how this experience has made me feel.
I went for my photo shoot and was so nervous and ready to cancel, I didn’t and so pleased I didn’t from the moment I stepped through the door I felt like I was so special.
Katie and Sharon were amazing making me feel like a million dollars. I had tears and then the smiles came and continued through the whole shoot. I got shown the photos while Sharon was taking them and Katie was making sure I was looking amazing by tweaking and adjusting outfits lighting etc.
I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would ever look like this. I do and the photos prove it. This has done more for me than these amazing ladies can imagine.  You all are amazing and have given me so much. We are all worthy and beautiful, we get told we are not or not noticed by are loved ones, but we are. If you are on this site and have not experienced this and are able to please do it.  You are beautiful inside and out Katie and Sharon will find it and let it shine.