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We are looking for just 40 amazing women in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond for a one of a kind styled boudoir experience celebrating your life and your story. Uniquely we are also raising money for Breast Cancer via the end of project celebratory Exhibition. Interested? Read on - this could be life changing .....
40 over 40 project


There’s a moment in every woman’s life when we suddenly realise we seem to be invisible.  Our kids roll their eyes at us when we make a comment- our partner doesn’t even appear to lift their eyes from the telly or phone when we walk into the room. 

And let’s not even go down the route of the effects the dreaded “M” word has on how we feel about ourselves! Our confidence hits rock bottom.

How many times have you thought – “I just want to be ME again? I want to feel beautiful, sexy and do something to make me feel good about myself”

Well – this is your moment to do just that – to be  seen and heard! Let’s make them sit up and take notice  – help you get your sparkle back again – and at the end of the project be part of a unique  exhibition to raise funds for Breast Cancer. Oh – this exhibition isn’t a vanity fest for me – the photographer.  It’s private -just for my ladies and their families. 

A chance for you to shine , to show them you aren’t invisible – you are worthy – and to tell your story.  It’s empowering and emotional and it’s a chance to give something back.  Win win.

Interested?  A day of glorious escapism awaits you – where we transform and encourage you to shine – you will walk out feeling as though you have been sprinkled with our  legendary pixie dust. Promise.

(Oh – and to be clear – although I was introduced on a recent BBC Radio Lincolnshire radio show as the lady in Billingborough that takes “nudey rudey photos” – they’re not nude and they’re not rude!  No porn star shots in this studio I’m afraid!! Classy, stylish and elegant all the way!)

I am Sharon Mallinson, a Lincolnshire based  photographer running Symply Boudoir. I’ve been a wedding and family photographer since my early 20’s and have been specialising in boudoir and glamour portrait sessions for 15 years now.Which I love.  I especially love the reaction women who thought they were unphotogenic when they see themselves on the back of my camera for the first time.  It’s the most amazing feeling – for them and for me.

I am also very proud to support the work of Breast Cancer Now.  Why? Because it dawned on me that so many of my lovely ladies have in some way experienced this terrible disease – along with a very dear friend – so it’s my little way of giving something back.  We have raised over £9000 from our last three exhibitions and have also changed the way the 150 women who took part in the last three 50 over 50 projects view themselves through the empowering experience of boudoir. By popular request we have now opened up our next project to include ladies in their 40’s and beyond – hence 40 over 40!

Do YOU want be part of this amazing experience and regain your inner sparkle? We guarantee we can change the way you view yourself.



As one of our 40 ladies you will receive:

All consultations 

Comprehensive Session Guide with dozens of tips on what to wear

Professional hair, makeup and styling  on the day of the photo shoot by the superbly calming Katie (book something special for that evening you are going to look amazing – but NOT like a painted lady!)

Fully guided professional boudoir session.  Our images are  subtle, elegant and stylish.  You ARE going to adore them and be proud of them. 

The shoots will be held at the studio in Billingborough near Sleaford Lincs NG34 0PY

A reveal and ordering session where you can see all your beautiful professionally retouched  photographs and choose your 10 x12 mounted gift boxed print (extra products can be purchased should you wish but is not obligatory)

Membership to our private and exclusive ladies only Facebook Group

Inclusion of one of your images and your story in the  fundraising exhibition to celebrate our 40 chosen women and feature in our portrait souvenir magazine

A change in the way you feel about yourself forever


We are offering this incredible photoshoot for just  

£199 – (worth £370)



50 over 50 project for mature women boudoir
Dee who went on to become a senior model following her 50 over 50 photoshoot experience - at 68 years of age


Limited availability! (ONLY 12 SESSIONS LEFT)

There are only 40  12 slots left for this project. Give me as much information as possible as to why you want to invest in yourself like this.

I’ll be in touch to have an informal chat (if you want) so that you are fully aware of what we hope to achieve and how we can possibly help you with any body confidence issues.

The 3 hour shoot can be booked in anytime between June 2024 and February 2025 – just pay your £199 session fee to reserve your slot.

We have a private Facebook group for all clients that will keep everyone informed. A link will be provided to the private group in your confirmation email.

You’ll be sent a questionnaire after your shoot  so you can share your views or your particular story for the bio that will go with your print at the Exhibition.

Client Testimonials
An amazing experience for any lady who wants a day of fairy dust being sprinkled only on her. I would do this photo shoot over and over again. It makes you feel fabulous.
I had reached a point where whenever I looked in the mirror I only saw a dreary housewife and mum. The experience transformed my perception of myself and suddenly I rediscovered my smouldering sexy sexy side, proving age is just a number xx
Boudoir style
Simple White Shirt
or rocking the leather look?
before and after photo of a boudoir client
boudoir exhibition raising funds for breast cancer
Karen from our latest exhibition held on April 13th 2024
Leanne from 50 over 50 Project Chapter 3
I can not even find the words to describe how nervous I was when I booked my shoot with Sharon. I wanted to walk, to cancel. I needed to lose some weight first I told myself as I was preparing to leave. I am not good enough. I will never be enough. But you are!! You are enough, be enough for you. Realise your biggest strength, is you. Your body, figure, wobbly bits, stretch marks, cellulite whatever, are your story. Never be ashamed of your story, never be ashamed of yourself. The ladies here are amazing. Really know how to make you feel comfortable. l. The worries and concerns of todays world were forgotten whilst being made to feel a million dollars. Everything is set out so beautifully, you are very well looked after here. Whilst holding my nerves having my make up done still thinking what am I doing I was thinking how would the images look, would I look stupid? Would I look like im giving the wrong impression - but now - I’m so excited to see the photos! Can't recommend Symply highly enough. Thank you so much ladies
A view of one of the 4 boudoir rooms
40 over 40 project
Katie and I (kneeling) with some of the ladies who took part in our last project at the exhibition held on 13 April 2024
woman wearing pearls for boudoir photoshoot, what to wear at a boudoir shoot
Pearls - we have so many pearls!
boudoir for over 50
I have had my 40 over 40 shoot and chosen my photos. It is nerve wracking, but, I have to say it is the most amazing experience. I’ve never liked photos of myself but I love these. They make me feel beautiful and have given me such a boost of confidence. Yes you may be way out of your comfort zone but please be reassured. Sharon and Katie will look after you every step. Please find your courage to do this. You won’t regret it ❤️ Jo xx