Are you ready to take the "Change the Way you View Yourself" Challenge?


Can you relate to this?

There’s a moment in every woman’s life when we suddenly realise we seem to have spent our whole time just hiding.  Hiding from the mirror, hiding from cameras, hiding ourselves under voluminous clothes…….

We convince ourselves that next year will be different. We will lose weight.  We will gain weight (yes it works both ways).  We will start being body positive.  And then -we don’t. But we are another year older – and good grief – is that (god forbid) a WRINKLE??!!! Why are we so hard on ourselves!!

However.  Whilst we can’t control how age affects our bodies we can control our attitude towards those changes. We deserve to love and celebrate our bodies at every stage of life. We deserve to be proud of the life we have lived, the battles we have fought and hold our heads high. And – importantly you deserve to have something to look back on and go – “you know what – not bad for a woman of ……” (insert age here !) You CAN and WILL look as good as any other woman on the front of a magazine – promise! You just need to see the potential in YOU that is already there.  And that is where we come in. 


I relate – but – how can you help me?

I’m Sharon Mallinson and I have over 15 years experience photographing women of all ages – but particularly women over 35.  As a woman I know exactly what insecurities we feel.
However, life is too short to spend the whole time criticising ourselves.. Most of the time it’s just in our heads.  We can’t see what everyone else sees.  That gorgeous smile, those naughty eyes , laughter lines  – we just see negativity.
I can change that.  Our shoots are designed to show you exactly how to bring out your confidence, we emphasise the good bits and minimise the not so good .  With some sultry lighting, sassy music and a glass of bubbly  you WILL feel pampered and empowered. My fabulous make up artisit and stylist Katie  will give you a complete hair and makeup session and show you exactly how to enhance your features.  We CAN change the way you view yourself – or I will give you your money back.  No risk at all but everything to gain. It’s a lot of fun – it’s big girls dressing up! Trust me – you don’t have to embark on some crazy diet, or wear a paper bag on your head!  I will find the gorgeousness in you that you didn’t even know was there!

So – if  you’re ready to do something positive for yourself, and your relationship with your body …..and  want to have your “sod it – life’s too short” moment …. read on…….

Sharon xx

What a fabulous experience! Sharon and Katie looked after me so well and they must have used some real magic as I went back to view my photos today and I'm still smiling! They made me feel totally at ease and I soon forgot all my fears and insecurities. If you're wondering about doing it, stop thinking and get it booked!
Anne Marie

This is YOUR time to shine!

As part of the “Change the Way you View Yourself”  Challenge you will receive

A pre-session chat, over the phone to plan your session
Professional hair and make-up, on the day of your session with Katie our makeup artist and stylist

 Your boudoir portrait session – with our specialist  posing and lighting. Don’t know how to pose? You don’t need to. We’re taking care of everything.

A private image viewing – warning – this can get emotional! We have tissues at the ready!

What does it cost?

You can take part in the challenge for our promotional price of just £50*

Images are available to purchase at your viewing.

ALL portrait sessions are backed by our unique guarantee.

 If you do not LOVE your final images, you will be refunded, in full.

*This amount is payable before your shoot and can be used as print credit off any collection. 


Products start from £150.  Informal interest free payment plans available for collections where YOU set the pace.


I was very nervous to book my photo session but how wrong was I to be. Sharon and Katie made me feel so relaxed within minutes. They were both so welcoming and professional. What a fantastic experience and such a confidence boost for me. I highly recommend it. To top it I saw my beautiful photos today. I can't wait to pick them up. Thank you so much Sharon and Katie xx
older woman in red jacket and hat boudoir shoot
angel wings boudoir lincolnshire

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Had my photoshoot today and I’ve just got home after a long drive. So thought I would write about my experience while it’s still fresh in my mind. Whatever I had thought or imagined before the day was blown away by the actual experience. From the moment I entered the house until the time I (sadly) left it was “symply” one of the best days I’ve had in my life. My hair and make up was stunning and made me feel like a million dollars. The care and attention taken to help me chose between the many outfits and accessories I’d brought with me (way too many) made my choices much easier than I thought. And, for once in my life, I found that smiling at a camera wasn’t actually difficult and happened naturally (& helped by the lovely Katie’s face(s)) So looking forward to seeing the results in a few weeks
Sue H