Hey there, I’m Sharon  – do you want to know what makes me tick?

 I’m self confessed golden retriever superfan – I have two.  Keeping the house free of dog hairs is a full time occupation on it’s own.  So I also own TWO robovacs to help. One is called Boris.  Why? Because it does a lot of U turns and mounts everything in sight. 🤷‍♀️

My idea of heaven is soaking till my skin puckers up in the hot tub with a glass of fizz and a couple of friends.  Many secrets have been shared in there I can tell you!

I order way too much stuff I don’t need online, (I have an obsessive “Blue Box” habit – if you know – you know!) I read about healthy eating  while eating egg custards. I make lists of things I will never do and procrastinate dreadfully – always have two or three projects on the go at once. It is something that this website has been built at all! (Yes I’ve done it all by myself!)

older woman boudoir

But I’m pretty darn good at my job! I have found my passion in boudoir and I particularly love working with women just like you.  I totally get your  issues about the process of aging and worries about being photographed.  Being  woman of a certain age myself it helps – I went through a boudoir photoshoot just to understand the fears and the anxiety.  I was thrilled with my images and they help me even today when I have a downer on myself. I totally understood the benefit of being shown your image on the back of the camera as it happened.

I have had dozens of ladies who have left my studio with more confidence in themselves along with beautiful images in an album to help remind them of their experience! I hear, “Wow!!! I can’t believe that’s me”, and “it was the best time of my life” on a daily basis. Genuinely. My sole aim doing boudoir – along with my make up artist –  is to show you how strong and confident you can look AND feel too! 

Look through the website and  you’ll find the steps you need to take to make this adventure an exceptional one. Remember, I want to help you not just obtain greater confidence but to MAINTAIN too. It’s exciting! Enjoy!

Sharon x

older woman boudoir
This is me - I know how vulnerable it can feel to be in front of the camera!
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