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Hey there, I’m Sharon  – thank you for reading this bit!  My photography journey began when I brought my baby son to a photo session in Mothercare -and he didn’t enjoy the experience! 

That’s when I decided to learn how to take great photos myself. From there, I started my own company and created “Little Cherubs Professional Child Portraits”.  As the years went by, I started getting requests for other photography services. That’s when I made the Symply Photography website and began taking pictures at weddings. 

Then – about 15 years ago  I had the pleasure of being mentored by two of the best photographers in the country and was encouraged to specialise in boudoir photography.  You’re welcome to check out my work on my website.

Our boudoir is not about getting you naked - it's about feeling amazing in whatever you want to wear

Through my own past struggles with confidence, I know what it is like to walk in your shoes. Ditch your negative thoughts. With me, I want you to celebrate who you are. I provide a no-judgment zone where you can let go and have fun. Think you are not good enough? I think you are perfect just the way you are. Have some fun at the studio, and leave your worries at the door!

I vowed I wouldn’t do boudoir unless I could do it well – too often it looks sleazy or cheap but I’ve found my style now.  It’s classy, elegant and sultry.  Certainly my ladies LOVE my work! I thought initially it would be girls full of self confidence who would come to have their boudoir shots taken – but it isn’t.

It’s women like me and you -with body issues and self doubting and bizarrely who usually hate having their photo taken.

So I understand your reticence, and do my best to put you at ease.

Boudoir is a very intimate genre of photography. The whole process might seem nerve-racking, but here at Symply Boudoir  you are more than just a pretty picture. Your nervousness will disappear, and you will transform into a stunner

I know my craft. No matter what  your doubts – I will make sure your photographs are gorgeous. Boudoir is all about knowing how to pose all body types and how to light them, as well as understanding the natural insecurities that women have about themselves. 

Client Testimonials
"Amazing. Glamorous. Hot. Empowering. Edgy. Inspirational. Confidence-boosting. Sexy. Sensual. Professional. Dignified. Hysterical. Indulgent. Worth every penny. BOOK THIS NOW"
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Boudoir Client

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