Boudoir for Mature Women

So many mature women think that boudoir photography is just for the beautiful and young  and that it probably isn’t for them. These women will say  “oh I’m too old for all that sort of stuff”.  “I’m past my best”.  “No one wants to see me being mutton dressed as lamb.  Yes – I’ve heard them all! But you know the adage that good wine get’s better with age – I believe the same is for a woman. Some of my most outstanding knockout clients have been women in their 50’s and 60’s. They just couldn’t see what we can see.

I’m a “woman of a certain age” myself.  I know what it’s like to go from the sassy confident slim young thing (who didn’t appreciate her body at all!) and then morph into someone who stopped really taking care of herself, drank a bit too much wine and then watched in horror as the waist line expanded.  

But I was busy building a career as a photographer, and raising my kids, and managing two parents both in care homes with dementia.  So time just passed.  Then bang!!  Just like that – the kids left home, my parents sadly died , and suddenly there I was – menopausal, sad and feeling redundant – and yes invisible.   Who on earth am I?  What is there to look forward to?  I totally struggled with self doubt and raged against the fact that I had to just accept that I was an “mature” woman  (ha ha – if only!!) and society expects me to fade into the background.

Do you feel like this?  If you do – you are in safe hands.  If you don’t – I am incredibly in awe of you – please let me know your secret!

The reason my business is so successful is because of these feelings. I realised that many many woman feel like this.  I can totally empathise.  And that is why boudoir is so so important.  It gives us back our sense of joy and fun.  (Because let’s face it it is a day of fun – it’s big girls dressing up!) I know – I did it – and it felt AMAZING!older woman boudoir

It gives us a sense that we are still relevant – that despite the storms we have lived through – we can still find the young woman that still exists inside of us (I still feel like I’m 20 – don’t you?) We can dress up (or down) have images that will gives us a new sense of confidence, of empowerment, and self assurance.  

That feeling of  “you know what –  even at “insert age here” – I’ve still damn well got it!” 

She’s still there – that sassy woman who may be a different shape now and her face shows she’s laughed and cried over the years (or sat in the sun too much !) – but she can see she is no less worthless because of it.  Let’s face it – after probably a lifetime of of putting others first – if you can’t do something indulgent for yourself now – when can you?  Life is too short for regrets – drink the champagne, dance on the table – have the boudoir shoot you deserve!

"You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life." Coco Chanel

Client Testimonials
I cannot recommend Symply Boudoir highly enough. Sharon puts you at ease from the very first contact. Katie transforms you with hair and makeup then Sharon take the most amazing photographs. I had the absolute best time despite my initial fears of what it would be like. I would do it again in a heartbeat. The only downside is trying to decide which photographs you want...because they are so amazing. Thanks Sharon & Katie
mature woman boudoir
Boudoir Client

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