Pin Up Photography

So what is this “pin up” photography that suddenly is getting so much attention ?   And how is it different to  boudoir, or even glamour?  Well, I would  say boudoir is  just a sexier form of glamour photography as boudoir is more about the suggestive bedroom atmosphere. Pin up photography is about being saucy , and playful  in a  flirtatious way with full on  exaggerated facial expressions. But glamour is just about capturing the true beauty that lies within every woman, with careful attention to detail, lighting and make up.

Boudoir, pin-up and glamour photography is all about finding the inner and outer beauty of a woman. Maybe it is the mood she is in that dictates the look from flirtatious to seductive. Glamour can be about the sophisticated look with beautiful jewellery and clothes. Pin-up can be all about the fun filled girl next door wearing any style of outfit from cutesy vintage 50’s dress to “hello sailor” outfit with an exaggerated pose. It’s that look on her face that describes her playfulness of what is about to or not happen, next. Boudoir has the look, location and lingerie that leads to seduction.

All these  styles of photography however need to have a high of a degree of sensitivity and as much understanding as possible. Even the traditional portrait session can be a little intimidating for some, so I’m fully aware that any of the photography sessions for glamour, pin-up and boudoir genres can ramp up the intimidation factor just a bit.

So I strive for the trust and comfort factor of my clients. In order for me to capture stylish and elegant photographs of my client she has to know that she can trust me and she needs to know that I will make her look beautiful.  Below are a few images that, to me, demonstrate the difference between glamour, pin up and boudoir photography.  If you want to discuss having a pin up session of your own, or any of the other styles we’ve talked about – just give me a call, or pop over and visit me so I can show some more examples of what we can do for you!

An example of pin up photography
An example of pin up photography

Typical Pin Up Pose

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