Thank you for enquiring about the 40 over 40 project!

Email sent!

Well done!   I know how nervous you are feeling now!

If you have shared your phone number with me I will try to give you a quick call  – this is such a personal shoot I want you to be totally comfortable with me .  My number is 07867 986887 – pop it into your phone with my name so you know who is calling! So many people don’t  answer calls with unknown numbers nowadays!

 I just need to know how I can best help you and give you some reassurance.  Boudoir is so personal – the trust starts here.

Please note however I am chasing some much elusive sunshine and hopefully drinking pina coladas between 2 June and 11 June 2024 so I won’t be making calls that week.  Data roaming charges just a bit too pricey!! I will still send an email so you have some information though.

If you have chosen not to share your number then do please check your emails now – I will send all the info you need but it won’t do any good if it’s hidden in your spam box!  I don’t want you to think I’m ignoring you!

We are now booking shoots from July  2024 – it really will make you feel amazing  but you have time to prepare if you need it. The deadline for 40 over shoots 40 is February 2025. The exhibition will be planned for April 2025. 

Look forward to making a difference to how you feel about yourself!

Sharon x

So this week I did my photo shoot, I had such an amazing time! to think I nearly cancelled, I’m so pleased I didn’t.
When I booked my appointment I was so thrilled and proud of myself for just getting that far, then as it got closer to the big day self doubt crept in and I didn’t feel ready, l had no idea what to wear (personally for me lingerie was not the way to go) apparently these are normal feelings…..
So in the end I put together some outfits I knew I felt good in, treated myself to a couple of bits but I didn’t spend a lot of money, did my nails, coloured my hair and just went.
Turns out that’s all you need to do….. seriously that’s it!!
The key is Do Not Over Think Things, TRUST Sharon and Katie ( do everything they tell you lol) they are going to make you look and feel BEAUTIFUL.
I now can’t wait to see the results.
Honestly ladies put those doubts and fears to one side and just DO IT! & Do it for you!”  Jo W Xxx



Why don’t you join my private ladies only Facebook Group Ballerina Fingers? Of course I’m going to tell you we are brilliant – but the ladies in the group are the one’s with the opinions that really matter.  Most of the group have had shoots with me and the rest are waiting for their shoots (or still deciding whether to have one or not!