before and after photos of mature woman from her 50 over 50 boudoir photoshoot

50 over 50 Project ~ Chapter Three ~ Paula

WHAT IS YOUR MOST TREASURED POSSESSION? My most treasured possession is my little dog. She is a rescue dog and have had her for 15 months now. She has had a tough time of it in the past, and she has really helped me with my mental health. We got her at a time when I was not in a good place, but she gives me something else to focus on instead of myself. I don’t know where I would be without her.

womkan in denim jacket 50 over project boudoir photoshoot



AND FINALLY…..HOW DID YOU FEEL AFTER YOUR 50 OVER 50 BOUDOIR SHOOT? The few weeks before my photo shoot, I was really nervous, thinking have I done the right thing. When the day finally arrived Sharon and Katie made me feel so at ease. When my session was over I was buzzing. This feeling lasted for several days after my photo shoot.

The nerves started again on the days leading to the reveal of my pictures. I was truly amazed on how brilliant the pictures were, and didn’t realize that I too could look so good. I would definitely consider having more pictures taken in the future.




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