50 over 50 project

50 over 50 Project ~ Chapter Two ~ No. 6 -Diana Age 57

Then lockdown came and he told me that his friend asked him to move out so I told him he could come home until he finds somewhere to stay but he informed me that he was moving in with the woman he was seeing. I phoned his friend for a chat and found out that they both had been lying to me and that he’d been living with this woman since he left us. Talk about a punch in the gut and the feeling of having your heart ripped out. I broke down and had to go on anti depressants which I am still on.

I applied for a divorce and concentrated on looking after my dad who’s health was deteriorating and dementia getting worse and our beautiful daughter who was 7 then. Lockdown was another challenge because we couldn’t go out for 6 months as my dad was on the extremely vulnerable list and home schooling was a nightmare. Abbie developed a few problems, anger, frustration, temper, throwing things, verbal abuse which I understood as she had also gone through a lot and being locked away was the last straw.

We had counselling sessions through emails and phone calls which she refused to do so I would get the work via email, worked through it with Abbie, send the answers back and again the same for 6 weeks. I was a key worker at school for lunch duties so I used to take her to school as her break from home schooling to have her lunch and play with other kids. She improved a little and then getting back to school was difficult. My dad passed away 23rd May 2021 which was another person out of her life so she started struggling again especially when my arthritis got severe and had to stop work in April 2022. 

I had my full hip replacement on 20th January2023 –  which was difficult for both of us especially when I was withdrawing off my medication which was horrible for her to see me in such a state, looking after me and cooking for herself. I don’t know what I would have done without her and my older daughter who lives locally taking me for appointments, my op to Peterborough when she has her own kids and work to go to.

I have felt so alone and isolated for the past year unable to go out but the photo shoot helped so thankyou to Sharon and Katie for the wonderful work you do. xx50 over 50 project


WHAT IS YOUR MOST TREASURED POSSESSION? I don’t really have one as I possessions are material objects and the most thing I treasure is my family.






Hair & Make Up by Katie Calo Make Up Artist

Photographer Sharon Mallinson



Music by Audionautix.com

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