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50 over 50 Project No. 29 ~ Linda :age 53

woman lying on bed for 50 over 50 photoshootWow Linda has had a helluva journey.  Not only has she held down a demanding job as a nurse she has had to deal with the trauma of having breast cancer.  She’s been left feeling vulnerable and self conscious about the damage it has done to her body. She was also assaulted which tipped her even further down.

This is on top of having a lifelong skin condition – so as you can imagine her confidence was pretty low when she came for her shoot.  I’m always in awe of how these ladies put their trust in us – we have a huge responsibility to make them feel good about themselves again. It is one of the reasons I ran the 50 over 50 project.   I know Linda left her session feeling incredibly empowered – to the point where she said she wasn’t going to be a pushover anymore!  

The best thing about being my age is only being responsible for my own happiness. My girls have fled the nest and it now time for me . So I guess you could say that eventually I feel able to be a little bit selfish and try to not worry about what others think of me.
I’ve had a lot of difficult times in my life . Some have been related to my parents health and that of my girls . For me the main obstacle in my life have been having a diagnosis and treatment for Breast Cancer . This left me with very little confidence and an altered body image .
Then last year I was assaulted which tipped me further down a dark road . I realised recently the only person who could change anything was me , so I picked myself up and have been challenging myself to be a stronger more confident women.
If you ask my family this question they would probably say being a Nurse and overcoming cancer . Me – I would say my greatest achievement are my children.
Spending valuable time with my family and friends and feeling loved.
My most treasured possession has to be my little chihuahua. My daughter bought her for me when I had Cancer to give me something else to focus on . Well it worked . I didn’t understand before having Dottie how people loved their pets . Now I do she has helped me so much and given me lots of joy and unconditional love
I’ve not written a bucket list but have several things that I am pleased I have done . Of course being brave enough to have photos taken by complete strangers in not very many clothes is on the list , but I have also taken up Boxing which I love . Maybe its time for me to create a bucket list and add different adventures to it.
Since having a family I haven’t really managed to be extravagant . So I would have to say paying for my daughter’s professional dance courses and supporting them both to live in London has been an extravagance . Expensive as its been I would probably do it all again .
If this is about changing myself I would like the half of my breast that’s missing back please ! No I would like to be less of a walkover . I’m very much a people pleaser and want everyone and everything to be happy. Unfortunately people take advantage of a good natured person and I wish I could stand up for myself more and maybe learn to say NO
I like to think I’m a kind and caring person. I suppose this goes with my job . I’m always here for anyone who needs me and I would say I am proud of this trait.

Loyalty . I expect my friends to be as loyal to me as I am to them.

Don’t worry and stress so much – life is too short to spend it being anxious about trivial things

Everything happens for a reason !

“I have just got home after a fantastic time with Sharon and Katie . I walked in feeling nervous and that I would be judged. My confidence was pretty low due to life really . I have no idea how the girls did it but I am on top of the moon . I have had the most fabulous time thankyou so much for helping me to find myself again xx” Linda



Hair & Make Up by Katie Calo Make Up Artist

Photographer Sharon Mallinson


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