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An amazing body confidence story


body confidence, before and after a boudoir shootMeet Rebecca – a mum of three who works full time.  Her body confidence after having those children was at an all time low.  Like most parents she admits there’s not enough time in the day.  Her children always come first and she tends to just “make do” .

  Rebecca is a classic case of a woman who literally cannot see how beautiful she really is.  She said she’s very self conscious about her looks.  Feels uncomfortable most days about how she looks.  Yet is told all the time that she’s gorgeous and has a figure to die for (she has – I hate her !!)  But here she was willing and hoping a boudoir shoot would change the way she viewed herself. Hoping it would give her confidence in her day to day life.


It just shows that pretty much all of us have our hang ups about the way we look – no matter what our shape or age!  So mine and Katie’s job was to prove to her that she should be proud and confident of herself.  I’ve been doing this type of photography for long enough now to know we could change her perception.  But Rebecca was unconvinced.

As usual – we started the shoot covered up in a slouchy jumper.  I was very unsure at this point that we would actually get it off her back to be honest!  But she had brought some amazing lingerie aswell.  We just had to get her comfortable enough to actually get into them!  I  showed her back of camera stuff.  No magic, no airbrushing no trickery.  Just her.  Slowly she started to believe. The results speak for themselves.  Her confidence grew with each minute and in the end – well – wow.

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So how did boudoir help her body confidence?

I had a client on my Facebook group doubting that she would look as good as the other ladies on my website.  Rebecca very kindly responded to put her mind at rest Capture1

I class that as a result. So whether you are size 28 or size 8 or anything in between – it would appear we all have issues..  don’t let your issue put you off. This really can help change the way you view yourself. It’s mad. On paper it shouldn’t work. But it does. Trust me.

Give me a call- or join my Ballerina Fingers facebook group and ask the ladies that have already done it – how  is your body confidence after a boudoir shoot?

Boudoir Photo Sessions are truly healing, empowering and body confidence boosting

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So yes, boudoir is so much more than just pretty poses in pretty knickers. It is so much more than photography for someone else to enjoy. It’s a very personal, very individual journey that you undertake that ultimately reminds you of who you really are. There are many reasons why women consider a boudoir shoot and many women would like someone they know to recommend a boudoir photographer.  The best thing I can suggest is to read some more boudoir reviews from clients and their partners.  I can say what I want – they are the ones who matter.

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Most importantly the label ‘boudoir’ is not what you should be focusing on.  It is a portrait shoot that not only celebrates who you are but how you feel about yourself and usually involves lingerie and you looking your absolute best.   It is a hugely transformative experience that will do amazing things for confidence and self esteem.  And that is why I love to shoot boudoir so much.  Here is a link to my boudoir photography galleries.  Maybe I’ll get to you meet you at some point in the future. I hope so.

body confidence
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