My Boudoir Journey

The lovely Sue wrote the following totally of her own accord and gave it to me after her first boudoir shoot.  She has since gone on to have a second shoot as part of my 50 over 50 project.  I thought it would be lovely to share it with you. 

” So my boudoir jouney began last year.  I wanted to do something for my birthday.  I really couldnt decide what until I stumbled across a facebook advert asking for people to gift someone a boudoir shoot.  I did submit a friends name but when Sharon called me I decided to havea shoot for myself as a birthday present (sorry Jacqui!)

lady in black dress talking about her boudoir journey

On the run up to the shoot the nerves seriosuly kicked in.  Trying to decide what to wear, (do I – don’t I?) killer heels (the flats won’t do at all!) to wax or not, to tan, Anne Summers – Love Honey – they all got pored over in those early weeks!

Eventually the day arrives.  Oh my goodness, the nerves kick in. I sat in the car on the drive for half an hour debating whether or not to go in.  Eventually I called Sharon.  Ok – I’ll come in – talking to myself the who time can I do it?  I can and I will!

Once I’m in the gorgeous house we sat and talked about what music I wanted to listen to, what style of shoot I wanted, had a lovely drink, – and then the hair and makeover started.  Slowly I started to relax. And then the photoshoot itself started.

Talk about a confidence boost! It was absolutely brilliant!  Choosing my photos a couple of weeks later – oh my!!  No words to describe what an amazing feeling it is looking at these stunning photos of you.  Honestly, if you overthink it you will never do it. So don’t overthink – just do it.  You really won’t regret it.

I did the shoot for me, myself and it’s been the present to me …… EVER!”

Lady in black gown having a boudoir shoot

Sue Hay



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