urgent update : COVID-19 and Boudoir Photoshoots

As concerns about the spread of the  COVID-19 increase, I wanted to update you on what I am doing to care for my boudoir clients during this time.  Latest government advice about COVID-19 has requested  strict adherence of social distance.  So with that in mind I have suspended all  shoots until July 2020. (subject to government advice at the time)

Anyone booked in with me will be given first priority on dates and will be rescheduled with immediate effect.

From July 2020-  my plan will be as follows:

I want everyone to stay healthy – of course I do.  Health is the most important thing.   With that in mind, I will be upping the ante on all things preventative.

Obviously I have always been  equipped with cleaning supplies but I will be  taking it to a whole new level.  I will disinfect everything several times a day. This includes before and after shoots.  Obviously hand sanitiser will be everywhere!  Studio sessions look like being able to take place from July – again depending on government guidelines . I have invested in clinical grade hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes and hand wipes, gloves and even masks (should I need one to keep you safe) so that once studio sessions are able to begin again, all hard surfaces may be sanitised between sessions and good client safety may be observed.We are all working towards a clean and safe environment. I have only ever taken on one client per day so there will be plenty of time to disinfect and wash bedding etc.  Thankfully here in Lincolnshire Covid-19 virus is on the low side but we can’t be too complacent.


My concern is cross contamination of make up.  Under normal circumstances my wonderful makeup artist is extremely diligent in cleaning her brushes, tools, and makeup after every single client with pure alcohol and brush cleaner.  However – these are not normal circumstances.

So we have taken the decision to think outside the box.

I’m hoping by June the crisis is contained – but – if it isn’t – as long as we can work again – we would like you bring your own make up bag.

My make up artist will then use her expertise to show you how your very own make up can transform you into the best you can be. (Liquid foundation or mascara we will provide as they are  unlikely to cross contaminate.)  I’m still looking into the facts about this. I am hoping by June this preventative measure won’t be necessary but hey – it might be a great new idea?

What do you think?

What if you don’t have much in the way of make up? Or you don’t normally wear make up? We are considering  – at no extra cost to you -supplying  eyeshadow,  eye liner ,powder and lipstick in a little goody bag for you to take home afterwards.  Your very own products.  This is going to take a little bit of time to source but I think this is the most sensible thing we can do for you.   We will show you how you can still look amazing with these few items.

Covid-19, MAKE UP KIT


I want to ease your worries and not feed into any stress regarding unfolding events. It’s bad enough as it is.  I want your boudoir experience to be an oasis of calm and tranquility, of fun and laughter, of escapism and most of all an experience that will change the way you view yourself forever.

Be safe – and I will see you in a few months. In the meantime – if you would like to join my VIP facebook group please do.  I will be posting in there regularly with updates and crucially SPECIAL OFFERS for anyone who wants to book a shoot anytime after July!! I’m going to need you!!

Stay safe – we will not let Covid-19 win!

Sharon xx

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